Welcome to the new Sieve Bakery blog, written by Michael and Adrian, owner operators of Sieve Bakery.

We have been wanting to launch a blog for quite a while to share our many lessons, tips and tricks. All information we’ve uncovered during our many combined years in the industry. Ultimately, tips and tricks aplenty that will help you.

We wanted to create a place where we could share our knowledge in a fun and interactive way, whilst maintaining our separate online bakery servicing Sydney and its surrounds over at www.sievebakery.com.au.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sieve (read: you haven’t yet tasted our delicious concoctions); or if you’ve never heard of Michael Dinoris or myself, Adrian Tassone, then here is the short backstory…

Adrian: I worked in property, strata management to be exact. It proved interesting enough but very soon, there wasn’t much room for further progression within the company and I was looking to expand my wings and take a chance in business, which was something I always wanted. My passion for food, cooking, baking and creating made it a fairly obvious choice which direction this new business was to take. Michael and I met in 2013 through mutual friends, and it quickly became evident that food was a passion we both shared. A couple of years worth of dreaming and discussion went past and the next thing we knew, we launched Sieve!

Michael: I was always passionate about food, and from a young age I knew I would eventually work as a chef in some way. I began my education and worked as an apprentice in a well known Sydney restaurant. As a junior, I was asked to help out in the pastry section one day, and my love for working with sweets was born. Being totally honest, chocolate is pretty much what drew me in… well, it was and still is a big part of what I love about desserts and pastry. What I love more though, is the chance to continually create new and exciting treats, and I especially love seeing the expression on our customer’s faces when they take their first bite of something we’ve created. It’s a rewarding feeling, and one that I always look forward to. It alone keeps me motivated to keep going.

So here we are.

We’ve been open since 2015 but we’ll never stop growing, adapting or developing our flavours and our goals for our humble business. Here at our blog, we want to help. We want to give you the tips and tricks that we’ve learned along the way. We want to help you be stress free when it comes to your event dessert catering.

We are also going to show you new ideas and give you our reviews of the latest trends. Occasionally, we may even throw in a few of our prized recipes so you too can get that amazing Sieve taste right at home and really impress your friends and family.

We are incredibly excited for you to join us on this journey! Sign up or follow us on social media (links on the right) to stay up to date with all of our blog posts and special offers.

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