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Cake Toppers: Top o’ the world?

Cake toppers can be an elegant addition to most cakes, adding style and flair to your event centrepiece (the cake of course).

Not all cakes have what it takes to support a topper, and you do need to choose wisely. Here are the top tips to consider when you decide you want a topper for your next event cake.

At Sieve, we enjoy the simple things when it comes to design; understated trends that don’t go out of fashion but also never get lost in the corner. That’s where cake toppers can really add another level of sophistication. The skill is in picking the right material, finish, colour, font, shapes and even wording. There is a gigantic range of options available to you, it’s all in the choices.

We’re lucky to have met some great cake-topper suppliers that have access to amazingly varied and beautiful materials, from timber veneers all the way to perspex with glitter finishes. These suppliers are always happy to work with us or their clients direct to achieve the exact look that’s desired.

Consider these top 4 things when organising your cake topper:

Overall Theme
Consider your event theme and match your cake topper to compliment the overall look. This is the easiest way to achieve sophisticated elegance  – it’s the little things that all add up to make a splash.

Compliment, Don’t Clash
Your topper should be the crowning glory on your centrepiece cake, not an eye-sore. Make sure that it matches and is complimentary with your cake design. At Sieve, we love to make sure that a topper matches the cake we’re creating, maintaining and enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Custom cake toppers can take only a day or so to actually make, but it’s the lead time that you’ll want to be prepared for. The back and forth of the design stage can take a lot longer than you think, especially if you’re not exactly sure of what you want. For this reason, we recommend you get your cake topper organised as soon as possible and then straight into the hands of your cake maker, hopefully us here at Sieve!

Let your cake maker insert the cake topper. A cake can be a delicate, though robust structure. Support within the cake is placed in exactly the right spots to ensure you don’t have a #collapstrophe on your hands on the big event day. Let the professionals deal with it, make sure they have the cake topper in their possession well before delivery.

As you’ve now gathered, we really do love a good cake topper, it’s almost sickening. What about other cake toppings, though?

Many clients have requested fun additions to the tops of their cakes like candy, chocolate, plaques and even photographs (edible, of course!). Various toppings can add an element of playfulness and pizazz to a cake, and can still be matched with a cake topper perfectly. We advise that you proceed with caution though, and depending on the scale and size of the additions, a cake topper might not be suitable.

As always, we’re here to help – if you have any cake questions or dessert design dilemmas, please reach out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or that other thing, email. We monitor them all and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Stay sweet, readers! #sievesweet

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Engagement cake: This delicious vanilla cake is layered with raspberry buttercream icing and topped with a custom made topper; we think it looks spectacular! #sievesweet